In the five years since her bad-girl sister Xanda’s death, Miranda Mathison has wondered about the secret her sister took to the grave, and what really happened . Now, Miranda has a secret all her own—two lines on a pregnancy test stunning new talent Holly Cupala illuminates the dark struggle of a girl who must let go. Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala – book cover, description, publication history.

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She had that sour, sharp smell, and I knew she had been with Andre—Andre, of the sultry voice and skin the shade of coffee with milk.

Even at twelve my drawings were smooth, balanced, carefully rendered. There were times when I felt so bad for Miranda and others when I wanted to jump for joy. When she becomes pregnant and catapults from the “good daughter” to just as screwed up as the dead one, her whole life changes.

Tell Me a Secret

The story kinda reminded me of the 5 stages of grieving. This sounds really great! Needless to say, I was surprised by the contents of this book.

The loss of her sister Xanda leads her to make some very stupid choices. Eventually cuapla did grow out of that but it took a lot for her to finally get past it.

Since she was little, Miranda has looked up to her older sister Xanda and always wanted to be more like her, always wondering what Xanda would do. When she isn’t making art and writing, she spends tell me a secret holly cupala with her husband and children in Seattle, Washington. I really enjoyed that tell me a secret holly cupala of the book although I did find the scenes after the birth where Rand spends weeks hiding out at the hospital were unrealistic and I wanted to see her grow up and take r I have really mixed feelings about Tell Me A Secret, on the one hand I thought the teenage pregnancy aspect of the story was extremely well written.

Miranda lives every day with the memory of her beloved older sister’s death.

Join to find the hottest teen books, connect with your favorite YA authors and meet new friends who share your reading interests. I sense ther Even though I gave up my beauty tell me a secret holly cupala for this book: I found that part of the book sort of crazy, as usually a mom would make sure her daughter has medical care FIRST, not instead arrange a social worker for adoption to come?? The growth and maturity she shows towards the end of the novel vs the beginning is amazing.

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Miranda’s pregnancy is never romanticized nor glamorized. She got through so much! Tell Me a Secret 3. Miranda Mathison hasn’t had an easy life since her sister died. It makes cupzla want to buy the book right when it comes out: Laddered stockings with dresses that were decidedly un-churchy.

Holly Cupala does such an amazing job illustrating each facet of teenage life without sounding condescending or out of touch. May 09, Kristi rated it liked it Shelves: When she did, it became all about tragic poetry and slightly less tragic novels. I am going to start off by saying that I didn’t actually like Miranda very much.

Rand’s own rebellion, anger, and hurt run deep, spilling out in unexpected places. Which i’m most likely to do now! Holly Cupala on Twitter Tweets By hollycupala. Harper Voyager science fiction and fantasy.

A Good Addiction: Book Review: Tell Me A Secret by Holly Cupala

tell me a secret holly cupala She must make decret choice with tremendous consequences and finally face her sister’s demons and her own. Otherwise didnt really like it Miranda, no, Rand is a girl with secrets. Rand makes a series of bad choices including dumping her best friend for the new and exciting Delaney and sleeping with her boyfriend Kamran for all the wrong reasons.

Invisible Ghosts by Robyn Schneider.